Why SSL for WordPress?

Benefits of SSL

Why should anyone spend the time, money, and effort on buying and installing an SSL certificate on their website? With recent updates made by the most popular search engines, now it's more important than ever to secure your site, even if you don't process orders or payments, with SSL.

Boost Search Rank

A couple of months back, Google refreshed its algorithm and it now included HTTPS as one of the factors it takes into consideration when ranking your website. If your website is secured with SSL, you are likely to rank higher in search results than your competition who may not be using SSL.  

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The addition of an SSL certificate drastically improves the impression you give your website visitors that A) you care about their security and B) you're serious about your online presence. SSL not only improves your page ranking, but it also improves your visitor's confidence in you as a trusted source for your blog, e-Com store, or whatever else you happen to use your website for.

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Securing your Data

Encryption methods like ECC, RSA, and DSA are used by the internet's certification authorities, those responsible for issuing websites their SSL certs. When you submit any information over the web, whether it's non vital information, private login, password, or banking details, the information going between your computer and the server is not encrypted, unless you've got SSL installed. SSL encrypts the data so hackers and thieves are unable to view in plain site the data you've submitted. That is why SSL is so important!

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It's Time

You just shouldn't, for all of the reasons discussed here, put off getting your website protected by an SSL certificate today. Boost your search ranking secure your visitor's data, and build trust with your audience. With search engines now preferring SSL sites over those without, now is the perfect time to add an SSL security certificate to your domain.

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